Dress Code

Dress Guidelines

Dress guidelines are designed to promote a standard of appearance that complements the learning environment. Students are expected to dress appropriately, following all dress code expectations, in all classes, and in all common areas, from the start of the school day until dismissal. In addition to the VBCPS dress code, Lynnhaven Middle’s dress code includes the following:

  • Shorts and skirts must have a 3-inch inseam or be fingertip length. Jeans may not have excessive tears or gaping holes above the 3-inch mark unless tights are worn underneath.
  • Students may not wear clothing that exposes undergarments. Sheer tops must be worn with an appropriate top underneath- no spaghetti straps. Shirts may not bare the midriff or overly expose the back and shoulders. Shirts with spaghetti straps are not permitted unless a layer is worn on top.
  • Headgear or head wear that makes it difficult to identify a student or that is deemed a distraction is not permitted to be worn during school hours. This includes hats, hoods, beanies/knit caps. Visors, bandanas, doo rags, and sunglasses. Headwear or head coverings specifically worn for religious or medical purposes are allowed.
  • All footwear worn by students should be safe and appropriate and must include a hard, solid, sole. Slippers are not acceptable. Appropriate footwear for physical activities is required for PE classes.
  • Students must wear clothes as they were designed to be worn. Students may not wear clothing that exposes undergarments. Pajamas and beachwear are not acceptable for school.
  • Students may not wear lewd or suggestive clothing. Students may not wear apparel that advertises, glorifies, or symbolizes any drugs, weapons, illegal substances that are not allowed on school property.
    • Images, words or depictions of illegal drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia, imitations thereof, other drugs/paraphernalia that are not allowed on school property or at school-sponsored events, or other illegal activity.
    • Pornography, nudity, obscenity, vulgar or profanity.
    • Images/symbols or words that can reasonably be determined to or do incite violence or create harassment or discrimination in violation of School Board policy or regulation or applicable law.
  • Students may not wear jewelry, clothing or have on their person items that might create a safety hazard.
  • Once lockers are distributed, only purses or bags under 5 inches by 8 inches will be permitted during the school day. All purses or bags larger than 5x8 will be stored in lockers.

Dress Code Violations

A staff member who identifies a student in potential violation of the dress code will send the student to the main office for a decision from a school administrator. If the student is deemed in violation of the dress code, the student will be directed to call his/her/their parent(s)from the main office in an attempt to correct the violation. The student will be denied entrance to the class and will report to ISS until the violation is corrected. Violations of the dress code will subject the student to appropriate disciplinary action.